31 Sacred Days with Dr. Keva Hampton Pastor/ Prophet / Teacher /Entrepreneur

Transformation doesn’t always come easily.

That is why we have prepared the 31 Sacred Days of Transformative Power.

Have a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ at times when it is no longer common… and discover the true power of His promise.
Prayer will get you Motivated Inspired & clear. 


Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.


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exclusive membership of the faithful who are longing for their transformation.

Watching The Transformations During Sacred Days Is Absolutely Amazing!- Lynn C.
This is an exclusive group of people who are aspiring to birth what they are called for... 
31 Sacred Day Challenge includes in depth training sessions, resources & tools, Q & A and feedback sessions.

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You recognize the power of prayer and the importance of seeking God's guidance.

 You want to learn how to unlock the keys to financial freedom through faith-based strategies in these uncertain time.

Now more than ever you desire internal peace, clarity, balance, joy and financial freedom..

If so, then you're going to LOVE the
 "The 31 Sacred Days Challenge"

My name is Dr. Keva Hampton

This is my personal invite for you to join an in-depth self-uncovering "31 Sacred Days Challenge".

If you answered "YES" to either of the statements above, then I know something about you...

 Deep down you know something has to change…  You no longer want to accept… lack, fear and anxiety as normal. 
I have the answer......
spending MORE time praying, worshiping, 
and reading your Bible -
Will help you overcome being scared, frustrated, or too busy.
It will also help you OVERCOME lack and open new streams of income in days not years (literally.)
Week 1: Self-Reflection & Clarity
 On the first week, you will experience the transformative power of Sacred Days, which is all about gaining clarity through self-reflection. 

You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your past experiences and let go of any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. You will understand what God thoughts about you and the importance of daily repentance and forgiveness. 

  The process will involve forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes, allowing you to move forward with a clean slate. You will find yourself free flowing with creativity.

 In addition, you'll learn how to replace negative thoughts with a mindset focused on abundance and freedom. This shift in perspective will help you attract life more abundantly.

Overall, Week 1 is all about laying the foundation for personal growth and transformation by clearing out negativity and creating a positive, empowering mindset.
    Week 2: Plan to Prosper.
    Week Two you will learn about the first step towards finding success in your life and business by locating your flow in the Bible. We'll start with my Three H Theory, which will outlines a simple insightful biblical principal for you to use when life present you trauma, debt and lack, these are the very factors to consider when creating and marketing your product.

    You’ll learn how to identify your ideal audience, which is crucial for targeting your marketing efforts effectively. Knowing your audience will help you tailor your product and messaging to their specific needs and desires. To ensure that your product will resonate with your audience.

    We’ll cover how to conduct market research. This will involve asking your audience for feedback and gauging their interest in what you offer.

    We'll discuss the importance of researching your competitors. By understanding what other businesses in your space are offering, you can differentiate yourself and carve out a unique niche in the market. Overall, by following these steps, you'll be well on your way to finding your flow and achieving success in your business.
      Week 3 Passive Income with Digital Products.
      On Week Three, we'll dive into the world of digital products and explore why they can be a powerful addition to your business. We'll start by discussing the different types of digital products available, including ebooks, courses, software, and more.

      ✓  Next, we'll highlight why choosing the right name for your digital product is a crucial step in the process. Your product name will influence how it's perceived by potential customers and can impact the success of your launch. We'll also cover the important steps that follow, such as crafting a compelling tagline and creating a logo.

      To help you get started, we'll guide you through the process of creating a digital product outline. This will involve identifying your target audience, defining the problem your product solves, and outlining the key features and benefits of your offering. By the end of Day Three, you'll have a solid understanding of why digital products are a valuable addition to any business and the steps involved in creating and launching your own.
      Week 4: Create Your Digital Product in 24 hours.
      Week Four- we'll cover the quickest way to create and distribute your digital product in 24 hours or less. I’ll introduce you to three powerful tools that you can use to get started: (I will show you how to use each tool live in VIP)

      Artificial Intelligence can also be a valuable tool for creating and distributing digital products. You can use AI to generate ideas for content, draft outlines, and even write sections of your digital product.

      Canva: is a graphic design platform that allows you to create professional-looking designs quickly and easily. You can use Canva to design ebook covers, social media graphics, and other visuals that will make your digital product stand out.

      Stan Store: is a platform that allows you to create and sell digital products online. With Stan Store, you can easily upload your digital product and start selling it within 24 hours or less.

      By using Artificial Intelligence to create your digital product, Canva to design your digital product and Stan Store to sell it, you can create and distribute a product quickly and efficiently.

      Bonus: Launch & Sell Your Digital Product.
      On the last day, I will give you a step by step jump start plan to launch your digital product and get you first $1000 in sales. An effective way to do this is to develop a quick start roadmap using organic and paid traffic from social media. Plus the importance of praying the word to see supernatural results.

      I will show you how I can NEXT LEVEL your brands product and or service saving you time, money increase your revenue, and boosting your business confidence in 30 days or less.

        Can YOU SAY Transformation! 👇👇👇

        31 days of 6am / 6PM Prayer & Worship   = " GOod Success" 

        Seeking His Kingdom First Is What Actually 
        Gets Results!

        By far this has been a rewarding month “Once In A Lifetime Experience"- Marquinta R.

        Brooke generated over $10K in 30 days inside our program!

        Gary generated $10k in 30 days inside our program!

        Sami generated $10k in 30 days inside our program!

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